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As a DREAMS participating school/teacher, your students are a part of our diverse participant group of >7000 students sharing about what it’s like to be a secondary school student in Singapore.

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Your Role

The DREAMS research team sincerely thanks you for your involvement in coordinating data collection for our study. Without you, this study wouldn’t be possible.

What can I expect as a participating school of DREAMS?

  • Annual surveys
    • Students will be invited to complete 2 surveys per year for students throughout their secondary education (2023-2026/7)
    • Parents and teachers will be invited to complete 1 survey per year during the same time period.
    • Students, parents, and teachers may be invited for additional follow-up interview sessions in Term 4.
  • Annual school visits (if desired)
    • For our team to distribute tokens of appreciation to your students for their participation and/or share about our study.
  • Each participating school has an appointed teacher as a Point of Contact (POC) liaising with our research team.
  • Our findings will be shared periodically through various channels (eg. on our website, social media, presentations, reports, tip sheets)

What is my role as a teacher?

  • If you have students(s) participating in DREAMS, you will be invited to complete 1 annual survey sent to your email in Term 3. 
  • You may be invited for a follow-up interview session in Term 4.

What else can I do as part of a participating school?

  • Follow us on Instagram for regular project updates and findings.
  • Read more about DREAMS here


Upcoming Events

School Visits

Our team will be visiting our participating schools to share more about our project and give out tokens of appreciation.

Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference

Our Principal Investigators will be sharing preliminary findings from their respective projects at this conference.

Find Out More

Tip Sheets for Teachers

Click to view: Student Career Aspirations (28/05/24)

2024 Timeline

Term 1

School Leaders Sharing | 19 March
  • Information sharing session for leaders of participating schools by our Principal Investigator, Prof. Kenneth Poon
  • Connect with other leaders of participating schools

Term 2

School Visits: Tokens of appreciation distribution by DREAMS research team

Term 3 - 4

Data collection:

  • Students will be distributed 2 surveys during school hours
  • Parents will be invited to complete a survey via Parents Gateway
  • Teachers will be invited to complete a survey sent to their email
  • Some students, parents, and teachers may be invited to complete additional surveys and/or attend a follow-up interview session. Details will be communicated to your school’s respective POC representatives

Frequently Asked Questions

We will regularly share our study findings through various channels (eg. tip sheets, blog posts, social media updates, academic publications, and presentations etc.) throughout the duration of the study. The best way to stay up to date is by following us on Instagram or Facebook.

The DREAMS research team takes our responsibility as guardians of participants’ information very seriously. We have several procedures in place to keep your data and privacy secure and protected.

DREAMS has approval and oversight from the NTU Institutional Review Board (IRB), ensuring compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). The NTU-IRB ensures the protection of human subjects involved in research studies by maintaining the highest levels of research ethics and integrity.

Your participation in this research will be kept confidential. Identifying information (e.g., name, last 4 characters of NRIC, e-mail address) will be asked to ensure the accuracy of our records, for linking of data collected at different time points, and for contacting you. Identifying information is removed and replaced with a random numeric ID to ensure anonymity before it is transferred to our research team for analysis, where everyone’s answers are combined and reported as aggregates.

The findings of this study may be reported in scientific presentations and reports, as well as social and broadcast media. Your identity will NOT be reflected or disclosed in these presentations, reports, and publications.

This study is run by the National Institute of Education commissioned by the Ministry of Education

Opting out of any surveys will not affect your relationship with the National Institute of Education or Ministry of Education or impact any ongoing assessment/grades. You may skip any questions you do not wish to answer.

You decide whether to complete the surveys. While participation is voluntary, we encourage you to take part. Your survey responses are a direct contribution to meaningful research that can positively influence policies and practices related to student education and well-being.

Yes teachers of participants will receive a survey in their emails once a year in Term 3.

A diverse range of schools were invited to obtain a diverse sample of various educational pathways. 28 schools accepted the invitation to the study in 2023.