DREAMS follows ~7,000 adolescents from Secondary 1 to Secondary 4/5, exploring educational choices, student experience, and adolescent development in Singapore. The project aims to inform policy and practice, aiming not only for a happier and healthier Singaporean secondary school experience but also an empowering and enriching one, ensuring each student's full potential is realised.

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What are we trying to find out?


To understand outcomes and pathways of development


 To understand child, school, and other factors that may positively and negatively influence the development of adolescents


To identify groups of adolescents where outcomes and pathways of development may differ


To highlight mechanisms and pathways of development that may inform potential interventions


Adolescence is a sensitive & challenging period of development and change

  • Puberty and physical changes
  • Brain and cognitive changes
  • Gaining more independence
  • Building your own identity
  • Educational transitions from primary to secondary to tertiary

We want to learn how to best support our teenagers as they go through these significant changes and set them up for success.


More details about our research design

DREAMS consists of 7 sub-studies, each investigating a key area of adolescent development