DREAMS @ The Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference (RPIC)

Our research team will be presenting at the Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference (RPIC) on 29 and 30 May. If you are attending the conference, we hope you can join us as we share more about our Year 1 findings.

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The research team presented our Year 1 findings at the Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference (RPIC) on 29 and 30 May. Lead Principal Investigator Professor Kenneth Poon presented a keynote speech (“DREAMS, a Longitudinal Study of Adolescents in Secondary Schools: Insights from Students in Secondary 1”) on the importance of adolescent development and officially announced the launch of the 4-year project. Each of our sub-projects presented 10 papers across 3 symposiums.

Symposium 1: Drivers, Enablers and Pathways of Adolescent Development in Singapore: Career Choices, Self Beliefs, Friendship Networks, and Well/Ill-Being

Date/Time: 29 May, 1400-1530
VenueNIE Block 3 LT8 (Level 1)
> Career Preparation of ​Lower Secondary School Students: Preliminary Insights on the Clarity of Career Choices, their associated antecedents and psychosocial correlates (Dr. Melvin Chan)
> Perceived Social Contexts of Student Motivation and Well-Being (Assoc Prof. Gregory Arief D Liem)
> Examining the Similarities and Differences in Students’ Friendship Networks across Different School Ecosystems in Singapore: ​A Social Network Perspective​ (Dr. Liu Wei Cheng & Ms. Nur Qamarina Binte Ilham on behalf of Dr. Imelda Caleon)
> Examining Factors Associated with Adolescent Wellbeing and Ill-being​ (Dr. Ser Hong Tan on behalf of Prof. Rebecca Ang)

Symposium 2: Drivers, Enablers and Pathways of Adolescent Development in Singapore: A focus on the Influence of Middle Childhood, Students with Special Educational Needs, and Students from Low Income Environments

Date/Time: 29 May, 1600-1730
VenueNIE Block 3 LT8 (Level 1)
> School Adjustment and Wellbeing in the Transition from Primary to Secondary School—Self-Regulation and Other Predictors Near the End of Primary School​ (Dr. Khng Kiat Hui, Fannie)
> A Focus on Secondary Students with Special Educational Needs​ (Prof. Kenneth Poon)
> Navigating Educational Trajectories: ​Profiling and Strategizing for Equity among Financial At-risk (FAR) Adolescents in Singapore ​(Asst Prof. Azilawati Jamaludin & Dr. Ser Hong Tan)

Symposium 3: “My Parents and Me” Exploring the Dynamics of Parental Autonomy Support, Expectation, and Involvement in Shaping Students’ Academic and Non-Academic Outcomes

Date/Time: 30 May, 1130-1300
Location: NIE Block 3 LT8 (Level 1)
>The Role of Perceived Parental Academic Expectations in Motivation and Well-Being: ​A Short-Term Longitudinal Study​ (Assoc Prof. Gregory Arief D Liem)
> Associations between Parents’ and Teachers’ Autonomy Support and Academic Motivation: A Short-Term Cross-Lagged Analysis (Dr. Zi Yang Wong)
> Profiles of Parent Support and its Association with Students’ Psychosocial Outcomes (Dr. Melvin Chan)





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